Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Attention Please: Pull out the Easy Chair and Pour a Hot Toddy, it's The Top 21 Viral Videos of 2010

Viral Videos as defined by are “online videos which gain mass popularity through Internet Sharing, such as entertainment websites, e-mail messages or suggesting a friend watch it.” I like to think of them as the new note-passing. Like what we used to do in elementary school, except the high-tech, adult version, sometimes even the not safe for… Read More »

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Our ironic pool of quirky last minute Halloween costume ideas inspired by internet heroes and municipal assholes

Uninspired? Broke? Lazy?!? This Hallowe’en season, look past the Amy Winehouse beehives, the Snooki poufs (you know everyone’s going to be Snooki) and the Michael Jackson masks. Quirky cultural statement-costumes of all kinds are quickly becoming all the rage this Hallowe’en, so we invite you to steal our ideas and wait for the impressed reactions… Read More »

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