Pop5: Nicki Minaj's new video, Superbowl, The Roommate, Iron & Wine's new album & Being Human

Nicki’s new music video- Nicki Minaj’s just released  video for “Moment for Life” is pretty meh overall though Drake shows up looking dapper in a tux. The intro however is Grade A entertainment people. It’s cuckoo-bananas-amazingness. Minaj can barely wrangle all of her alter egos and the dialogue between ‘real Nicki’ as Cinderlla and ‘Brit Nicki’… Read More »

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Hey Ladies, this week’s Pop is totally musical… Raise Your Glass Video– Who do you turn to for rousing fem anthems that are a few steps removed from grrrl power and Spice Up Your Life? Ah, Alicia. Pink is back with a new video for her catchy song featuring models being milked, some awesome prom… Read More »

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