Nicki’s new music video- Nicki Minaj’s just released  video for “Moment for Life” is pretty meh overall though Drake shows up looking dapper in a tux. The intro however is Grade A entertainment people. It’s cuckoo-bananas-amazingness. Minaj can barely wrangle all of her alter egos and the dialogue between ‘real Nicki’ as Cinderlla and ‘Brit Nicki’ as the Fairy Godmummy is totally crazytown. And who is the f*** is Martha???  See it to believe it.

The Superbowl – That’s right. I said Superbowl. Don’t get me wrong, I have no idea who’s playing. The commercials and half time performances though are usually worth a watch. Either cause they’re actually entertaining or they go down in a triumphant blaze of disaster. Remember, it was the Superbowl that birthed the crucial cultural touchstone of the ‘nip-slip’ and coined the term ‘wardrobe malfunction’. Don’t tell me the Superbowl hasn’t affected your life girls. Feb 6.

The Roommate – The movie opens Friday and from what I can discern Leighton is a scary stalking psycho roommate. Shit goes down. I think that’s about it. I might go to this movie though just to give my brain 90 minutes of exercise trying to tell Leighton Meester and Minka Kelly apart. Leighton you know as Blair, the Upper East Sider whose wardrobe we’d steal in a heartbeat and Minka was on the terrific Friday Night Lights and was just cast as one of the new Charlie’s Angels. Here’s the trailer.

Kiss Each Other Clean – The new album from Iron and Wine aka Sam Beam is now out. It’s his first major studio release and you can expect his trademark layered sound, eerie melancholy and beautiful wistful tunes. Have a listen here. 

Being Human – This adaption of the British series of the same name is about a vampire, werewolf and ghost who live together and try to retain their humanity. It sounds a bit poncey but it’s actually warmhearted, culturally saavy and often really funny. The show is not as Twee as Twilight and not as over the top as True Blood. I’m a bit loathe to give credit to anything that reshapes a popular Brit TV standard (skins is proving to be a disaster) but this series’ writing is witty and very watchable. It premiered a few weeks ago but you can go here to catch up or tune in Mondays at 10. I’d also definitely recommend watching the British original which can be found on itunes!