How to Look Good With A Hangover

Listen. I’m a busy lady. I’ve got places to go, friends to see, white wine to slug back like it was some life sustaining ambrosia (which it is). Occasionally, I’ll go a little too hard on them spritzers, even though I’ve got a busy and early day ahead of me, and I’m sure I’m not… Read More »

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16 Steps Towards Becoming a Confident Badass

People are surprised when I tell them that I greatly lack self-confidence, which surprises me since I think my glaring insecurities are rather obvious. I think folks confuse “confidence” with “being loud” and I am definitely the latter. If I fearlessly (drunkenly) scream my opinions (nonsense) at groups of strangers (my family) at parties (Christmas) onlookers… Read More »

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How to Be Amazing At Literally Any Job

Jobs, amirite? Simultaneously a source of freedom and a mandatory burden. As a person in the arts, I can attest that much of the way I make money is NOT from the things I create. My jobs are not always my passions. It can be discouraging at times to realize that your bills take precedence… Read More »

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How To Convince People That You Are RIGHT

I am wrong a lot of the time. I don’t really know anything about anything, and sometimes I’d rather binge-watch old episodes of 16 and Pregnant than pull up Google and hunt for the truth. In this world where answers are at our fingertips almost as fast as the query enters our brains, there is… Read More »

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