Stuff to keep in your purse to avoid feeling like an ashtray drenched in a brewery keg after a night out that didn't end in your own bed

We all have our pre-party rituals. Whether it’s scarfing down a greasy cheeseburger, or doing a few reps of the sun salutation, you’ve got prepping for a night out down pat. However,  after a crazy night out, there is the distinct possibility that you may not be coming back to crash at your own pad.… Read More »

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DaLish Cosmetics opens up (a pop up) shop July 14 – 17!

There are few things we enjoy more than finding amazing deals on great make-up products. Actually, who are we kidding…there’s nothing else!  This is why we are incredibly excited about DaLish Cosmetics opening up their first concept pop up shop THIS week! Not only is Dalish 100% Canadian made and produced (hurrah!), PETA approved (double hurrah!),… Read More »

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Trend to Try: Lavender Lipstick

Ever so often, the beauty world presents us with a brand new trend that can only be described as SEVERELY QUESTIONABLE. The most recent as of late, lavender lipstick. This shade can look gorgeously goth on drapey, Helmut Lang inspired minimalist fashion types., or tackishly garish when done incorrectly. A friend of mine blithely described… Read More »

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Natural, Summer Beauty Essentials

Toronto’s beginning to heat up, and by July, it’ll be hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk. However, we’ve got a better, more beautifying use for that egg. Here are four ways to use ingredients from your kitchen to keep your hair and skin healthy, and your wallet happy.

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