I am perpetually late and notoriously clumsy, which means my nails generally exist in a chipped state of disarray. I’m either out the door before they’re dry, or too damn late to even begin to paint them.

Enter Sally Hansen, and a line of nail polish strips that will have your fingers looking great, even if you’re all thumbs (oh, hi.)

The Salon Effects strips are real nail polish that you apply like a sticker-simply peel, apply, file, and you’re done. The whole manicure takes about 5 minutes, looks fabulous, and lasts for up to ten days. No muss, no fuss, no impatiently squirming on a couch waiting for your nails to dry while your precious caffeine buzz wears off. The strips come in leopard, lace, glitter, colours and patterns, and you can remove them with nail polish remover. RECOMMENDED!