INDIE RADAR: The Muso Project

What do you get when you take peace, love, and music; shake them up in groovey 4/4 time, and serve cool-as-ice? The Muso Project, of course! Let’s get the collective “aww’s” out of the way: The Muso Project was founded by the soon-to-be-married Toronto couple Rachenne Regozo and Edward Monzon. They spent two years as… Read More »

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Indie Radar: Kelly McMichael

Kelly McMichael has almost too many talents to keep track of, but let me introduce you to her as the magnetic front-woman for Kelly McMichael and The Gloss. Her songs combine sass with sadness, prettiness with grittiness, and the essence of the riot grrl attitude with a smooth finish. Whether it’s the clever lyrics, pristine… Read More »

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Indie Radar: hue

Hue is without a doubt one of the best indie bands emerging from the local Toronto music scene. A pair of singing siblings accompanied with a bunch of best friends makes a bandmate recipe for success, allowing their likable personalities and feel-good vibes to shine on through. The music they make is incredibly catchy, and their… Read More »

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Indie Radar: Skye Wallace

Skye Wallace, a Vancouver-based songwriter, works to compile all of the stark elements of the Canadian landscape into a sort of musical archive. Inspired by historical non-fiction and field recordings, her songs are made out of stories hidden in plain sight. The resulting sound is melodic, gritty, and orchestral. She’s successfully toured Canada twice, including… Read More »

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