The #MemeMachine, ft. an army of Rob Ford babies, Jason Schwartzman, #OWS and the Queen

In which the intrepid MemeMachine offers a discerning selection of what’s buzzing on the internet. Bringing you crucial knowledge that you were presumably too busy to pull from the internet because you were off enjoying the outside world IRL. This is procrastination at its finest. You’re welcome. Good day, all. Let’s start this week’s smattering… Read More »

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Bored to Death: Your New HBO Love Affair

by Taylor Berry Do you like Jason Schwartzman? How about white wine? Fiction? Ted Danson? If you answered yes to any of these questions, do I ever have the show for you: HBO’s Bored to Death. The show is based on a story by the same name published in McSweeneys by Brooklyn novelist Jonathan Ames,… Read More »

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