Joe Fresh and Flare team up to throw a grand season finale bash for Revenge

Let it be on record that we wish to perfect an insult as excellent as Victoria Grayson’s icy kindness. Although, to be honest, Conrad’s giving her a run for her money in the cool-handed bitchery department. Revenge isa sprawling, delectable treat; a prime time soap opera so resplendently ridiculous––so indescribably addicting, that we almost forget that it… Read More »

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Joe Mimran gets turned into a Barbie by Mattel

Quick, someone – ring the big bell, Joe Mimran is the FIRST Canadian to be turned into a Barbie!! Truthfully, she always needs more guys to play with anyway. If we were still rolling around on the floor playing Barbies, Joe Mimran would probably take on a Daddy Warbucks type character versus a competitive suitor… Read More »

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