Mistake of the Month: Lisa Got The Flu. Tell Us Yours and Win A Manicure From Sparks Nail Salon

Hubris, the ruin of all great heroes and dopes alike, was my mistake this past month. After working with children for two years (and contracting every single cold/flu/rash known to mankind because of it) my immune system has become a thing of wonder. Since moving to Toronto in September, I hadn’t been sick once. That is eight months of healthy body bliss. Comrades fell… Read More »

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Lindsay Gets a Pamper Me Package from the Park Hyatt’s Stillwater Spa, “Probably the Most Amazing Thing I’ve Ever Experienced”

So because Jen McNeely is the best and because lately I’ve been this like sad, internal, Sasha-Jensen-in-Good-Morning-Midnight type girl, all dark and lost and contemplating my existence and shit, she sent me off to the Park Hyatt’s Stillwater Spa last Friday evening to try the “Pamper Me” Package that SDTC is so kindly gifting to one… Read More »

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