Mistakes I’ve Made As A Feminist

Most people who know me also know that I consider myself a friendly, loveable, militant feminist. I am extremely vocal about it and it seeps into everything I do: my writing, my comedy, my grocery shopping, and my napping are all feminist. So you might be rather surprised to hear that there was a time… Read More »

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The Grown-Ass Woman’s Guide to: Mistakes

You’re a grown-ass woman. You’ve made some mistakes in your life. And that’s okay! We all have. I’ve been trying to make babybangs happen to me for YEARS. The last time I tried to do this, Diamond, my hairdresser, cocked her head to one side and said, “Can I just try something?” and then BLEACHED… Read More »

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Mistake of the Month: Lisa Lost All Her Music Files. Tell Us Your Latest Regrettable Move and Win!

Way to go Syd, last month’s Mistake Maker, whose real just-a-joke made her look like a real just-a-jerk. You win a manicure from Sparks Nail Salon! Thanks for sharing your story! Now here’s mine: As the end of the March came to a close I wracked my brains for a real Mistake of the Month. Sure, I had gone through a major break up, lostmy monthly bus pass for the second time in… Read More »

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MISTAKE OF THE MONTH: Lisa shares her big mistakes and if you share yours, you could win a nail art mani from Sparks Salon!

First of all, congrats to last month’s winner/loser, Ena, for her harrowing tale of duck boots at a business meeting. I feel you. Now go get a manicure! Second of all, you should share your mistake with us. Never forget that by sharing you will not only feel a bit better about yourself (free-er, lighter, released-er) but you will be making other people’s lives better because they will read… Read More »

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