Ashley Green Gets Sexy for SoBe

Given the way moms-of-Tweens reacted to Miley Cyrus in nothing but a sheet, we can’t imagine what they’ll have to say about New Moon star Ashley Green’s sexy spread for SoBe. The actress wears nothing but body paint in the ads-to appear in Sports Illustrated-and looks capital-F Fantastic (and we imagine climbing trees naked to… Read More »

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I Drank The Twilight Kool Aid

I resisted for a long time. I really did. I made all the usual protestations-I’m not 12, I have a life, I feel no desperate desire to swoon over barely-legal werewolves jacked up on steroids-I’m better than that. But guess what? I’m not. I’ll admit it. The war is over, they won. And by they,… Read More »

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