H&M Launches Jimmy Choo for H&M

by Elli Stuhler What do Stella McCartney, Commes des Garcons and now Jimmy Choo all have in common? The answer is in every mall, and on every major and minor shopping street, in the universe. It’s H&M of course, and to celebrate the launch of the Jimmy Choo for H&M line, the Swedish fashion behemoth… Read More »

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The Stars Do Hallowe'en

We’ve taken off our wigs and our makeup and our laboured-over costumes – that’s right, Hallowe’en is over. We hope you’ve gotten over your Sunday hangovers and have eaten your fair share of teeny chocolate bars and baby-sized potato chip packets. Now, what better to do on a lazy post-Halloweekend Monday than check out what… Read More »

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Speidi Repellent

Instead of doing something or anything real lately, I’ve found myself sucked into YouTube clips of the newest and lowest “reality” show that isn’t anybody plus eight: I’m a Celebrity: Get me Out of Here! The highlight of NBC’s stupidest summer filler is something called Speidi: her a makeup-less (aah!) crybaby and him the blondest… Read More »

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David Dixon Show; where Margaret Thatcher meets Malibu Barbie and we all get tipsy on Paris Hilton bubbly

It started with the ecstatic spokespeople from Mattel telling us how turning fifty really is FABULOUS! Shortly thereafter the giant screen displayed famous photo of young naked girl running away from bomb in Vietnam War. That disturbing iconic image was mixed in with photos of female legends from Margaret Thatcher to Jane Goodall to National… Read More »

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New Year, New You?

The 2009 Swap Beer to Buckwheat Smokes to Celery Lard to Lunges Passive Agressiveness to Positivity Binge Drinking to Book Club E-talk to Economist Perez to Paikin (TVO talk show guy) Coffee to just hot hot water C’mon now. New Years resolutions can spark a glimpse of hope for a revitalized you, while just as… Read More »

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By Jen HoustonIt’s easy to disregard Paris Hilton’s My New BFF as just another silly reality show about sad wannabes competing for their fifteen minutes of fame. There’s little doubt that the winner has already fallen out of touch with the jet-setting starlet, and has settled into a form of pseudo-fame in her hometown of… Read More »

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