52nd annual Grammys; the Fashion Awards

-Zoe Shapiro  When the musical dust has settled and the awards have all been handed out (poor, deserving MGMT, huh?) FASHION is left… We at SheDoesTheCity felt the need to recognize and ridicule on a separate sartorial scale (which Ms. Swift might appreciate given her pitchy snooze of a performance; where’s Kanye when you need… Read More »

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Free Angelina!

A manifesto dedicated to releasing the reluctant bisexual. by Radcliffe U. Hall Angelina Jolie, Pink and the chick that played Marcia Brady. All of these women have something in common. They are all non-practicing bisexuals. Or, more specifically, they are retired. I know people believe that sexuality is “fluid” but you have to draw the… Read More »

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