Vancouver Hit List, Apr. 1-4

“Hey guys! Jesus is dead!!!” “Oh my gosh!!! Noooo!!!’ “Just Kidding I’m alive again!!! April fools!!!!” In honor of April Fools and Easter….we offer you these tailored event suggestions… kind of. THURSDAY – You know how sometimes, you can end up laughing in a bad situation?! Bring your awkward chuckle to a night of standup… Read More »

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Hit List

by Louisa Cohen FRIDAY Jiffy pop -check, Diet Coke -check, hard-on for Eddie Furlong –CHECK. Filled with your favorite movie clichés, Linda Hamilton’s sick-ass body, blood, guts, violence, old-school special effects, and the current Governor of California, Terminator & Terminator 2 @ the RIO Theatre Midnight Double-Bill. Midnight. Obviously.  Dropping the beats for Drizzy (or… Read More »

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What you are doing in Vancouver this week

TUESDAY – Retro Hip Hop Dance Party @ the Biltmore Cabaret: Main Street hipsters and wreck beach hippies alike come out to enjoy this night weekly. I guess it’s the special ‘Ghetto Cocktails’ and gin & juice gets that gets the white boys dancing – you won’t find anyone dancing like Usher, but I promise… Read More »

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