My Top Toronto: A Love Letter to the City

It is no secret that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and I believe this well-worn idiom applies as equally to places as it does to people. After living in Berlin since October, I recently returned to the Big Smoke/Hogtow/Torann/T-raBonks for a couple of weeks and, despite the capital-N NASTAY weather, I was instantly reminded… Read More »

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Sex Advice from Cynthia Loyst, Host of Sex Matters

By Haley Cullingham Sex Matters host Cynthia Loyst is an expert on all things sexy, from between-the-sheets to outside-the-box. We picked her brain for tips on a great Valentine’s Day-whether you’re single or attached, talking kink with your partner, society’s attitude towards sex, and, of course, good old fashioned masturbation. Read on for Cynthia’s words… Read More »

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She Does Comfort Food

By Julie Reitsma It would appear that Toronto is finally getting some winter and, as always, we’re hungry. Not listed in any order, other than how they floated into our mind over the past few blistery (though deceptively shiny) days, the following are the comfort foods that we turn to when we can’t get to… Read More »

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