FERKNOT is Aiming to Conquer High-End Workwear with Customizable Separates

FERKNOT is a “premium” fashion brand founded by Jorge Calderon, Ryan Bruehlmann, and Rick Taylor. The boys intend on creating clothes that are the “perfect fit” for their customers. The result? Both the women’s and men’s collection predominantly feature simple variations of the basic shirt. Their debut S/S 2011 collection is sold exclusively online. We’re skeptical about… Read More »

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French Flare closes Day 5 of Toronto’s LG Fashion Week with Fortnight Lingerie, Amanda Lew Kee and Montreal's Denis Gagnon

Lingerie:  the French word for the repellent English version “undergarment.”  But really, you can say anything in French and it will sound sexier and more eloquent.  “Poubelle de rue”— an insult translated “trashcan of the street” even contains a “belle” (meaning beautiful) in it. Translations aside, lingerie rarely has the association of fashion in Toronto, until the Fortnight lingerie… Read More »

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