FERKNOT is a “premium” fashion brand founded by Jorge Calderon, Ryan Bruehlmann, and Rick Taylor. The boys intend on creating clothes that are the “perfect fit” for their customers. The result? Both the women’s and men’s collection predominantly feature simple variations of the basic shirt. Their debut S/S 2011 collection is sold exclusively online. We’re skeptical about buying a button down without trying it on, but FERKNOT claims their high-quality collared shirts will fit like a glove. Also interesting? You can customize your shirt by selecting the design of the logo (or no logo at all), a slim or regular fit, the wrist you wear your watch on, and whether or not you want a sunglass slit. 

Eventually, customers will be able to add an individual touch to their FERKNOT shirts by selecting certain collar, cuff or button options from a range of alternatives. We’re interested to see how the founders execute this aspect of the brand, but like the idea of being able to pick and choose our perfect Oxford.