Vampire Bandwagoning: A Rant in Three Parts

By Zoe Shapiro 1. Craziness: I was waitressing on a patio last week and two lovely lesbians asked me to weigh in on their argument. Should lesbian number one get fangs? Butch says no, femme says yes, Zoe says WHATTHEFUCK!? Someone, probably several someones, are considering getting their teeth filed away! Teeth do not grow… Read More »

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I Drank The Twilight Kool Aid

I resisted for a long time. I really did. I made all the usual protestations-I’m not 12, I have a life, I feel no desperate desire to swoon over barely-legal werewolves jacked up on steroids-I’m better than that. But guess what? I’m not. I’ll admit it. The war is over, they won. And by they,… Read More »

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