Bitchin' Kitchen takes over the Yonge & Summerhill LCBO on Thursday, June 28th to share Canada Day tips

Nadia G is one bitchin’ woman. From cookbooks to her web series-gone-television show, the Montreal native has built quite the empire for herself. On her hit show Bitchin’ Kitchen, the 32-year-old serves up delicious food, wit and one-liners, and looks damn good doing it (we’ve tried cooking in stilettos…IT’S NOT EASY). This Thursday, the bombshell will… Read More »

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Let's all go to Supperworks and change the world! (Okay, make our lives easier by preparing delicious meals for the whole week, fast.)

The leisurely pace of summer has pretty much dwindled and many of us are now prioritizing our schedules with lecture times, paper deadlines, and full-time jobs. Finding a spot in our day planners to write ‘EAT FOOD’ is already be on the back burner, so a home cooked meal seems nothing short of luxury. But… Read More »

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Second Harvest

by Julie Reitsma We can’t think of many better ways to inspire your Monday (a day sorely in need of some lift) and fill your tummy right than the Cooking for a Cause event – a fundraiser for Second Harvest that’s set to simmer March 1st. Taught by She Does the City alum Meghan Telpner… Read More »

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