HOLY field trip season! Between the Bond exhibit at TIFF, Frida Kahlo at the AGO, and a fashion and textile exhibit at the ROM, there is so much to do!

Do you like activities? Because it’s activities season: the weather is crummy, and you have hours of the day that were once spent lounging in Trinity Bellwoods that need filling. Thankfully, Toronto’s cultural institutions have really stepped it up this fall, with three amazing exhibits we can’t wait to check out at TIFF Bell Lightbox,… Read More »

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Ira Glass at Massey Hall

Ira Glass walked on stage at Massey Hall in the dark, with only an iPad lighting his path. He then started to talk, still with the stage completely black, creating the feeling we usually get from listening to his radio show, This American Life: a floating voice, a sort of all-powerful narrator telling the stories of… Read More »

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