On September 24, leave your phone at home because Track & Field Bar is hosting Take it Offline, a device-free bar night. The mission: To create balance in the digital age.

It’s a pretty common scene now: You go out to a bar/club either to meet people or hang out with your friends (or both), but it seems that everyone is just buried in their phones. Are they making plans with other people because they are bored and have extreme FOMO? Are they distracting themselves from having to have real conversations? Maybe they are live-tweeting or Instagramming their evening.

Inspired by our reliance and addiction to technology, Take it Offline aims to get people disconnecting from their screens and reconnecting with those around them. This event is about meeting people and creating a sense of community through games, crafts, music, and good old-fashioned fun.

Have separation anxiety and don’t want to leave your phone at home? That’s cool too. Track & Field will gladly check your phone for you and keep a watchful eye on it until you leave.

Take it Offline is happening on Thursday, September 24 from 6-9 PM at Track & Field Bar. Tickets are now on sale.