I’ve recently been asked to recommend some healthy restaurants in Toronto, and I thought it was worth its own blog post! Eating out is such a huge part of our culture, but occasionally you don’t want to sacrifice health just because you’re eating out. SO, these are my favourite healthy restaurants that are delicious too!

I’ve organized them by neighbourhood!

Yonge/Bloor Area:

Lola’s Kitchen

Not only does this restaurant carry local ingredients, they have a ton of gluten free and vegan options, along with carnivorous dishes for those meat eaters.  They have an amazing brunch menu, along with regular menu.

Fave Brunch: Mushroom Benny
Fave Dinner: Kale Caesar Salad

Camros Organic Eatery

This little spot is frequented by Rachel McAdams.  NEED I SAY MORE? Camrose is only open for lunches and serves very casual, delicious organic, vegetarian food.  Almost everything is gluten free and there are ZERO processed foods here! The menu changes daily, and you order based on 1, 2 or 3 dish plates.  I typically go for the 3 dish plates.

Fave dish: Chickpea Stew with the Green Cabbage Salad

Financial District

Kupfert & Kim

The tagline for this restaurant is “Wheatless and Meatless” but you’ll see your fair share of meat eaters at this spot, enjoying a colourful quinoa salad, or a peanut butter and cacao smoothie! (YUM!)  This is a takeout location, as it’s in the PATH underground.

Fave Meal: Dan’s Salad
Fave Treat: Raw Energy Balls

Queen West  


For anyone needing to take someone out who has any sort of allergies, Grasslands is the place! They label their menu very clearly, with ‘w/g/n’ meaning ‘wheat free, gluten free or nut free’.  The entire menu is vegetarian, but there is a ton of flavour in many of the dishes!

Fave Dish: Fennel & Avocado Appetizer

Feel Good Guru

Though much more of a takeout location, I frequent this spot more than I care to admit.  The place is a nutritionist’s dream, with green juices, smoothies, and salads with every colour of the rainbow in them.

Fave salad: Make kale not war
Fave treat: Raw carrot cake

Kensington Market

Urban Herbivore

With limited seating, you might take your delicious sandwich or salad bowl to a nearby park to enjoy it. Urban Herbivore has a plethora of veggies and quite the salad bar for you to fill your ‘quinoa bowl’ with.   They also have some sinfully delicious gluten free and dairy free cupcakes.

Fave Meal: Quinoa salad bowl

Bloor West & Liberty Village

Live Food Bar

This was one of the first ‘raw’ restaurants in Toronto, however they’ve now expanded their menu to include cooked items too.  Their main restaurant location is Dupont and Spadina, but they opened more of a ‘takeout’ location in Liberty Village recently.

Fave Meal: Pulled Burdock Burrito
Fave Juice: Liquid Plumber (yep)

Queen West / Bloor West / Yonge & Eglinton / Spadina


This one has to be my fave.  Entirely vegetarian, it’s simple to convince a meat eater to dine here because the food is so gosh darn good!  They now have 4 different locations across the city, so they’re very accessible.

Fave Meal: All-star Salad
Fave Dessert: Cashew Cookie

King West


This restaurant has been one of my favourites for a while if I want a hearty meal out. They actually just re-opened with a new menu, and I’m dying to go!  What I like about this restaurant is all of their meat is either organic, or humanely raised.  You know I’m passionate about this.

Fave Brunch: The Mexican Hangover
Fave Dinner: TBC but I’m going to try the Moroccon Fish Tagine

The Junction

The Beet

This restaurant gives a nice mix of healthy and comfort food.  Case in point, when I was debating between the gluten free mac and cheese and the arugula and beet salad. Almost the entire menu can be done gluten free, with lots of vegan options too.

Fave Meal: Bison Burger (on lettuce)

Any I missed?

Mandy King is a Holistic Nutritionist and Gluten Free Guru who shares her expertise with She Does The City. For recipes and nutrition tips, visit her website, HEAL. Follow Mandy on Twitter@mandyking_HEAL. Like Healthy Eating and Living on Facebook here. You can also find Mandy on Pinterest and Instagram.