Terrace a Sucre at Hotel Nelligan delivers the maple-flavoured countryside right to your doorstep!

As a school-age kid growing up in Quebec, I was treated to the same two field trips year after year: apple picking and sugaring off. While both of these jaunts to the countryside were awesome, sugaring off definitely had the edge. Bringing home a big bag of wholesome apples was nice, but nothing could compare to the unadulterated sugar-and-ham-fuelled hijinx that came with a day at the cabane.

Now that I’m older, I often daydream of those halcyon days filled with sleigh rides, snowshoeing, and winding la tire onto popsicle sticks – but without access to the big yellow school bus of my youth and being otherwise sans car, my trips to the sugar shack are few and far between.

Lucky for me, Hotel Nelligan is importing the maple-flavoured countryside into the city for Terrace a Sucre. On March 19 & 26 and April 2 & 9, the Old Port boutique hotel will be serving up sugar shack treats on their rooftop terrace. Take in panoramic views of the city and slurp down maple toffee while being serenaded by the sweet sounds of the accordion and wooden spoon band.

The $25 advance ticket (Reserve by calling 514 788-4000, $30 at the door) gives you access to the sugar shack buffet and traditional music band (6pm), while $10 will gain you to the bar for a DJ set (9pm.)

Terrace a Sucre March 19 & 26 and April 2 & 9 @ Hotel Nelligan, 106 St-Paul, 5th floor

~ Heidi Craig

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