You’d think it would be difficult to narrow down our top picks, but it wasn’t. At all.

From triplet babies dressed as snuggly bears to a young girl who bravely (and enthusiastically!) removed her fake eye to become a zombie school girl, here are our favourite Halloween costumes spotted in Toronto last night. Enjoy.

Six-year-old Violet Fox as Sally from Tim Burton’s spooky classic, The Nightmare Before Christmas.

One of the great benefits of having a mom who is one of the city’s top makeup and special effects artist, is that you end up walking into the school Halloween assembly like this. Although Violet’s mom, the ever-alluring Misty Fox, can take credit for the haunting and award-worthy face, it was Grandma that sewed the dress and wig. The result is a multigenerational masterpiece!

Meyenhi Iduwe as Breaking Bad drug lord, Gustavo Fring.

Meyenehi Iduwe freaked his co-workers out when he entered the office as Gustavo Fring, the crystal meth kingpin from Breaking Bad. The resemblance is uncanny. That said, this costume couldn’t be pulled off without the deadpan stare; Iduwe nailed it. Let this 2013 Halloween finalist remind you of a key lesson: If you look the part, roll with it.

The Beckerman twins revive 1980s blockbuster hit, Teen Wolf. 

The Beckerman sisters posted this pic to their Instagram account last night; it has since received 2845 likes. With a wildly successful fashion blog, these girls treat every day like it’s Halloween; we knew we could expect something marvellous come Oct 31st. Awhoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

8-months-pregnant, Rhya Tamasauskas dresses her bump as a Super Mario Bros chain chomp.

As co-founder of The Monster Factory, Rhya continually wows us with her vibrant imagination and crafty skills. We had a feeling that the bump would come alive for Halloween 2013; we were right. How fun will it be when Rhya shows her kid this picture in five years time? Work it, Mama!

Triplets Millicent, Edie and Violet (front to back) dress as the three bears from Disney’s hit movie, Brave

One baby dressed as a snuggly bear in a wagon is enough to melt your heart. When you see three identical baby girls being pulled in their special triplet wagon…well…WE CAN’T HANDLE THE CUTENESS!! Seriously, how much fun are these girls going to have for all the Halloweeens to come?

Eight-year-old Poet removes her fake eye and surprises everyone as a zombie schoolgirl.

At age 3, Poet lost her left eye to retinoblastoma, a rapidly developing eye cancer. This year, Poet shocked her parents when she suggested taking out her eye to become a zombie schoolgirl for Halloween. Confident, cool and with a quirky sense of humour, we deem this brave eight-year-old girl THE winner of Halloween. Forever. Rock on, Poet! Rock on.

Dudes as roller coaster keep the party moving.

Not only did these dudes come up with a super fun costume but they really livened up the party. Hands in the air and screaming, they swooshed around a crowded dance floor the way a Chinese dragon would. We didn’t think there was anything better than a congo line until we witnessed this.

Gee, that was fun.