Anything that adds a splash of colour these days is welcomed. We’ve been enjoying the weekly reveals on Artist Project’s Instagram, that bring a burst of beauty to our feed, constantly introducing us to new artists, near and afar. 

Their weekly curated Screen Time exhibit is a cultural experience well suited for lockdown life, with themed programs launching every Thursday at noon on IG, and also on the Artist Project site

If you’re looking for new art for your home, the Artist Project has always prided itself on having art priced at a variety of levels, and this year’s work starts at $250, making art investment a possibility for more people.

Celeste Keller, Summer Floater, 42 x 54, Oil on Canvas

Upcoming Screen Time shows include:

  • Bubbled, April 15-21
  • Thousand Words, April 22 – 28
  • New Beginnings, April 29 – May 5
  • Give It Time – May 6 – May 12
  • More than Minimal – May 13 – May 19
  • Her Perspective – May 20-26
  • A special Manifesto Curated Exhibition – May 27-June 2

In pre-pandemic times, attending Artist Project TO was an annual highlight. With hundreds of exhibitors to check out, wandering the aisles was always a fun and pleasurable experience. Of course, the in-person event also allowed for dozens of conversations and interactions, with both people we bumped into that we knew and strangers who shared a love for art.

One day we will do it again, but until that time, Screen Time is an easy event to experience in lockdown that will introduce you to new artists, and transport your mind to interesting places.