Burn a “FUCK” candle, adorn a “CHAOS” necklace, or curate a “DIVINE” wall of art, with Caitlin Cronenberg’s bold new collection of handcrafted art, jewellery, homewares, and paper goods.

Cronenberg debuted Words of Mouth last week with a glitzy launch party at The Lobby by Heaps Estrin, and we can’t get enough of this striking collection.

Words of Mouth first began as a photo series with a distinctive style—close-up photos of mouths, biting down on words, accentuated with bright lip colours, rhinestones, and gloss. When the series first launched, Cronenberg told us she was fond of the character that these closeup photos bring.

“With this series all of the personality is coming from the mouth alone, so that’s why the makeup and the word are so important to build the feel of the images. It’s a fun experiment and interesting new challenge to work so closely with the subject,” she said.

Now, Cronenberg has partnered with Tabitha Vallierie and Andrea Dart to extend Words of Mouth into a brand, encompassing handcrafted jewellery, hand-poured soap and candles, and cards printed locally in Toronto. We love that everything is custom-made and developed by women-identifying artists and creatives—each piece is a high-quality creation made just for you.


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The Words of Mouth collection is described as an exploration of femininity, with art that celebrates the “messy, emotional, inspiring and intimate parts of girlhood.”

“At WOM, we celebrate the transformative power of art and self-expression,” says Cronenberg. “Our collection is designed to celebrate the essence of every individual, empowering them to embrace their unique voice and story.” 

Each piece in the collection feels intimate and powerful. They evoke moods ranging from joyful (the vibrant stickers on this CRUSH piece take us back to our tween years) to provocative, to inspirational. There is sure to be a word that resonates with you in this collection: CHAOS, NO, OBSESSED, RIOT, DARLING…each is a bold statement that demands attention—whether on your wall, a shelf, or as an accessory.

This project is truly an ode to self-expression and a showcase of fashion, design and photography coming together to create something impactful—art that speaks!

This has been an exciting time for Cronenberg. Her debut feature film Humane, a dystopian thriller starring Emily Hampshire, was just released on April 26. Now, items from her new Words of Mouth collection are available for purchase, and the entire photography collection will be on display for the first time at The Lobby by Heaps Estrin until the end of June, as part of the CONTACT Photography Festival.

Browse the Words of Mouth collection on their website.