I recently asked a good friend what she had planned for the holiday break. With no events or visiting friends in sight, she shared with me her family’s big game plan: “We’re going to learn to skate”. I thought that the shared goal was incredibly cute, but skating is also a great way to get outside and exercise while also exploring different parts of the city.

One of our favourite places to skate in Toronto is The Bentway. For those who’ve never visited, it may sound odd to describe a rink under the Gardiner Expressway as desirable, but it’s shockingly pretty and the way they’ve laid it out, or the trail, makes for a great skate. 

This year The Bentway Skate Trail will open on December 18 with a fixed capacity of 25 people. Pre-registration for timed entry will be available via Eventbrite on December 12 at 10AM. To learn more about what to expect, visit their site

While skating at The Bentway is free, this year they’re asking visitors to help support those in need by donating a small amount ($5 suggested) to the creation of Winter Care Kits for community members experiencing poverty and homelessness. Donations will be available when people register on Eventbrite.