Studio: Misfit Studio – 694B Queen St. W. (entrance through alleyway off Euclid Street)

Instructor: Amber Joliat

Description: Think Jane Fonda 2.0. Joliat has taken the classic ‘90s step class and mashed it up into a hot mess of Pilates, dance, and yoga. Get sweaty.

Reason I signed up: The entrance is through an alleyway off Euclid Street. This place has street cred—Joliat is a beloved yogi and free spirit among the community, and this studio is her brainchild.

Price: $20/class, including tax. Package savings available.  

Level of difficulty from 1 (newbie) to 5 (hardcore): If sweat is our barometer, this class is a 5. But it’s really more like a 3.9 because it’s so much fun.

Why you should (or shouldn’t) try it: Entering Misfit Studio feels like stumbling into the clubhouse you always dreamed of as a kid; Amber Joliat is cooler than Fairuza Balk in The Craft and more uplifting than Rainbow Brite. The class is a frenzy of varied jumps and bounces off the BOSU. It’s fast paced, but the sequences are relatively simple once you catch on. Part of the fun is the fluidity of it all. Half the time Joliat seems to be making it up as she goes along. So, for Type As who crave structure, go for a run instead.

Overall assessment: This class is like Hasbro’s Get in Shape Girl, but for adults (or whatever we are).