Meghan Telpner is one of our health heroes; we can’t wait to get our hands on her second book! The Undiet Cookbook hits stores October 6th and it’s a nutrition game-changer.

It was in 2008, when I first met Meghan. When her enterprise was small, she used to host cooking classes in her Parkdale studio. Eight of us would gather by her kitchen sink, and she’d show us how to do cool things with avocados and yams. After guiding us through a number of healthy dishes, we’d sit around her table to enjoy a vegan feast. Like everything Meghan does, her classes were inviting, warm, inspiring, colourful and extremely informative.

Since then, Meghan’s business has grown, like, seriously grown. Her first book, Undiet: Eat Your Way to Vibrant Health was a huge success, in 2014 she launched The Academy of Culinary Nutrition (nbd!), she gives speeches all across North America, and leads an enormous community of loyal followers to good health on a daily basis through her newsletter and blog.

We admire Meghan for so many reasons but here are the two biggies: 1) She used to work in advertising and after a health scare, completely turned her life around by changing her diet, defying traditional medicine and forging her own path; 2) She’s not afraid to stick it to major corporate companies, calling them out for what they really are. Brave, bold, creative and business-minded are just a few ways we’d describe Meghan.

We have endless praise for this awe-inspiring woman and wholeheartedly believe that buying a copy of The Undiet Cookbook is an investment in your future health and happiness.


  • Over 130 gluten-free + dairy-free recipes
  • Guidelines for stocking an UnDiet pantry
  • Delicious recipes for DIY beauty care
  • UnDiet on the road: travel tips
  • UnDiet Entertaining menus for every kind of soiree
  • UnDiet Health Tips
  • Cooking Tips
  • Healthwashing Alerts
  • 85 mouthwatering, colour exploding, gorgalicious photos

The UnDiet Cookbook is a collection of Meghan’s tastiest and healthiest recipes, from life-fueling juices, smoothies and breakfasts, to everyday staples and condiments, to mouthwatering entrées and delectable desserts—and everything in-between, including tips for entertaining, edible beauty, and travel. With her signature style and voice, Meghan introduces readers to the UnDiet world: an inspiring lifestyle that doesn’t mandate any one way of eating, cleansing, or dieting—only beautiful, nourishing, radiant living.