Vancouver pretty much loses its shit every time the Canucks are in the playoffs.  The whole city is a little bit tense, buses declare “Go Canucks”, and stranger high fives abound every time there’s a win.  You can try to resist, but you’ll probably catch a little Canuck fever no matter how hard you try to escape. Here are a few must-haves for the playoff season.


The Canucks towel seems like an oxymoron.  When you “wave the towel” you’re giving up, right?  Not true for Canucks fans.  The “towel power” tradition began in 1982 with Canucks coach Roger Neilson (appropriately, they were playing the Blackhawks).   Pissed at the ref’s calls, Neilson hung a towel from a hockey stick and waved it in surrender.  He was booted from the game, and a tradition was born.  You can pick up official Canucks towels from Save-on-Foods and other official retailers.

There’s nothing like some post-game, Robson-street car revelry to get everyone in the spirit.  While we all question the sobriety of these drivers, their dedication is shown through fluttering car flags.  Put one up and you’ll have crowds cheering as you drive home in pride.

While you’re at it, you should probably pick up a noise-making device to blare out the window.  A foghorn will do nicely, and is a more traditional choice.  If you’re a trendsetter, purchase a Vuvuzela.  You’ll remember these distinctive, droning horns from the 2010 Fifa World Cup.  Why not bring it to the arena, too?  An army of Vuvuzelas might just be alarming enough to throw off the opponents!


The Cambie will be rowdy, busy, and drunken.  Get there early for a few pitchers and be prepared to yell at the screen.  Don’t be surprised if a hockey-related argument escalates.

Steamworks is an intense place to watch the game, but it doesn’t border on awkward.  Crowds will still yell at the screen, but they aren’t likely to riot upon loss.  Plus their microbrewed beer is amazing and available by the pitcher, so you have plenty to drink whether your team wins or loses.

If you’re searching for somewhere last minute to watch the game, try the Hub.  They can almost always accommodate you, and they have TVs outside if you want to enjoy some sun with your hockey.  The atmosphere is enthusiastic but laid back; perfect for those few friends who hate sports.

Game day playlist

The Hockey Game

Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye 

Andrew WK (appropriate for all occasions)

~ Meghan Roberts