No effing around. We need to take the Blackhawks down, and we need to be there for our Canucks. Vancouverites, this is where to go to do it.

G Sports Bar and Grill
This place is pretty small, but has tons of screens to watch Luongo redeem himself. The food is alright, but let’s face it, you’re there to watch the game, and the yam fries are secondary. Be careful though, if this game ends badly, you’ll be in the heart of the riot zone. 
1208 Granville Street, Vancouver

Score on Davie 
This amazing restaurant and sport bar is in the heart of the West End, and you’re surrounded by huge HDTV’s that’ll make you come back even after we take the Blackhawks down. Fun fact? This place used to be called, “Sugar Daddy’s”
262 Davie Street, Vancouver

Red Card Sports Bar & Eatery
This place is close enough to the downtown action, but far away enough from of the rowdier crowd of Granville Street. Described as “quiet” from my brother, this place might be the ideal place to check out the game without checking your eardrums out. 
900 Seymour Street, Vancouver

The Lamplighter Public House
This place may be in a hipster-central locale, but surely you’ll be surrounded by die-hard fans in any case. Comfortable furniture and flat screens all around, you’ll be sure to find yourself at ease to cheer on the Canuck’s penalty kills. 
92 Water Street, Vancouver

Cafe Crepe
I might have tried to learn more about the Canucks by frequenting this place last year during the playoffs and while I unfortunately am still taking Canucks 101, I must say this place is low key and you can have your crepe and eat it too. 
Various Locations,

~ Aimee Laurel