The Hunt for Delicious (ghetto) Pizza finally comes to an end at McGill Pizza on Milton

Montreal has a pizza problem – specifically, there doesn’t seem to be any quick, quality pizza in this city. Sometimes, I don’t want to sit down and choose and order and wait and chat and eat and pay and leave. No, I just want to grab a slice of meat-lovers and chug a Pepsi and sprint to class.

Last week, in the halls of my university, a student walking by offered my friend and I some leftover pizza he’d just scored from an on-campus recruitment fair.  We each grabbed a piece (free food? uh, I think so) and we soon discovered that it was possibly the tastiest pizza either of us had tried in a very long time. Non-greasy, a perfectly dense layer of toppings coated in non-runny cheese, and a remarkable, flat-edged crust. However, the student who’d given it to us was long gone, and anyway, the pizza box had been entirely white without any logos. A few days later, while sitting in a nearby Tim Hortons, we spotted a girl at a nearby table eating a slice of pizza with what appeared to be the same tell-tale crust. Upon inquiry, I was informed that McGill Pizza was the source – a sketchy casse-croûte spot in the basement of an apartment building on Milton. T’es sérieux?

Though slightly sceptical, we checked out McGill Pizza for lunch, and luckily, we were right about the pizza and mostly wrong about the sketch-factor. It is just a typical Quebec fast food joint, replete with a ghetto-superstar menu, a tacky-awesome dining area and a to-go counter. They serve everything from tuna subs to souvlaki, and their mini-pizzas (which take twelve minutes to cook but are worth it!) are absolutely delicious. I don’t know if it’s the sauce or the crust or the cheese, but the combination is just splendid and only $5.75. Of course, one can also get two regular slices of all-dressed for $4.75, or a slice and side of fries for the same price. From what I’ve heard, they also serve a pretty lovely/greasy breakfast for quite cheap. I don’t know where Montreal has been hiding its local and ‘authentic’ Quebec pizza-fry-breakfast joints, but we are so happy to have found one!

McGill Pizza 
625 Milton 

~ Tyler Yank

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