As I wandered through the streets of downtown Toronto en route to a jewelery party on a gorgeous, sunny day in what has arguably been the best stretch of weather I have seen in my lifetime (eek –  hope I didn’t just jinx it!) I had one of those I love my life moments (unlike about 30 minutes prior when I sat across from someone clipping their nails on the subway – WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE!?) Beautiful day, pink champagne, mini cupcakes, and free jewelry – could this really be a descriptive list of my afternoon tasks?Yes, it’s true – I felt like I had won the blogger lotto when I realized that my assignment was to spend a leisurely afternoon draping myself in Lia Sophia baubles.

For those of you who have never heard of the family-owned Lia Sophia line, here is a very quick history:

It’s the world’s leading direct sales fashion jewelry company
– It has been around for 25 years (2 years in Canada)
– The company is run by a husband and wife team, Tory and Elena Kiam, and is named after their two daughters…you guessed it; Lia and Sophia.
– They have Nikki Taylor on board as their newest catalogue model (trés retro-chic)
– The goods are sold à-la Avon through trusted Lia Sophia advisors and/or jewelry parties

The event marked the unveiling of their new line, industrielle II from their red carpet collection, and it did not disappoint. The chunky, attention-grabbing, bad-ass jewels seem like the perfect accessory to glam up a white t-shirt or edge out an LBD. Every single piece made a statement, and that’s probably what has got the celebs buzzing; Lia Sophia has been showing up on the beautiful bods of Nicki Minaj, Zooey Deschanel, Katy Perry, Ashlee Simpson, and yes, even Oprah!

It’s fun, fashion jewelry that can be mixed up and layered in a million different ways. On a personal note, I have one Lia Sophia ring that I cannot wear without someone asking me where they can get one. And now, lucky me has a couple more pieces to add to my collection! Wanna get yours? Visit the website to get in touch with a Lia Sophia advisor.

~ Ali Maldoff