In which the intrepid MemeMachine offers a discerning selection of what’s buzzing on the internet. Bringing you crucial knowledge that you were presumably too busy to extract from the internet because you were off enjoying the outside world IRL. This is procrastination at its finest. You’re welcome.

I always wondered what Ferris Bueller would be like 25 years later, but I didn’t expect it to find the answer in a 2-minute Superbowl ad for Honda.

And while we’re sharing Ferris Bueller videos, here’s a trailer for the original Ferris Bueller re-imagined as a Garden State-esque indie film.

It’s been a while that we’ve had a Disney tumblr, so here’s a few Joy Division song lyrics matched up with Disney frames.

Dear 20th Century Fox: this flute rendition to your classic opening sequence is worth considering.

Have you ever wondered what your favourite album covers would look like if portraits of adorable kittens replaced portraits of the artists? Neither have I, but that’s what the internet is for.

Today’s inspirational speech comes from a tiny little kid who just had his first bike ride. He teaches us that we CAN do it, all we have to do is believe in ourselves. Putting your kids on YouTube is the new taking candy from a baby, #AmiRight?

Shit Oscar PR Girl Says

Having said that, here’s Shit Rocks Say.

Coming soon to the Tate Modern/my belly: sandwich art.

The muppets talk smack about Fox News in a press conference. Don’t you just love seeing Ms Piggy getting political?

Adorable animal video of the week: this is the sound a dormouse makes when it snores. If you’ll excuse me now, I have to go mop up my melted heart.