Wednesday night was the premiere of The National Ballet of Canada’s performance of Don Quixote. The famous novel by Cervantes describes the adventures of the romantic old knight Quixote and his faithful sidekick Sancho Panza as they help foster young love.

The epic story was elegantly woven around dancing that seemed to describe a spectrum of passion. The Company portrayed sensuality and sexiness and also danced with sweet romance. Mercedes, the Matador’s woman, brimmed with power as she performed her solo while Kitri’s dancing spoke of her longing and love. Both dancers were absolutely stunning and their male partners gave a few shedoesthecity writers a tough choice to make: Do we watch the talented ballet feet or the tight ballet bums? We settled on both and were absolutely thrilled by the performance and our night at the ballet.

The costumes also had us transfixed. Gypsy robes were shot with gold and moss green tutus were laced with sparkles for the wood nymph dream scene. Get a peak at the attire and the grace of Don Quixote with this video and purchase tickets for this weekend’s performances here.

-Zoe Shapiro, @twirly1804