We live in a fast-paced world, and these days, before you can strip out of your sequined bodysuit, your replacement is warming up her vocal chords. The Canadian media has been calling Vancouver’s Hannah Georgas ‘The Next Feist,’ a moniker she more than lives up to, but we prefer ‘The one-and-only-Hannah Georgas.’

Georgas, who does indeed sound like the love-child of Leslie Feist and Regina Spektor, is a talented song-writer whose honest lyrics talk about heartbreak, getting over assholes, and beating up girls twice your size (she’s…Feisty?). Her songs are stripped down and heartfelt, and embrace the pop-folk that has become Canada’s quintessential indie sound. She makes being broke sound upbeat, waxes nostalgic about teenage romance, and could easily become the soundtrack to your Spring. Sit in a window seat, watch the rain fall, and think about feelings: Georgas’ perfectly crafted songs are perfect for romancing and reminiscing. She’ll be one busy lady this Canadian Music Week, so spend a bit of your Friday with her:

6:00pm – Criminal Records in-store
11:00pm – Cameron House
1:15am – Library Bar; Royal York Hotel