Although this boudoir-chic sparkly Swarovski bottle is not available in Canada, we somehow managed to get our hands on the exclusive Playboy Spicy in gold crystals and Playboy Lovely in pink crystals to give away! Follow us on Twitter and enter to win! We think this is a fun and sexy little surprise for Christmas morning that will look lovely on your BFFs dresser (or yours!) decorated with shiny bracelets and glittery costume jewelry. (Are we the only ones who spend hours decorating with accessories?)

Playboy fragrances offer a feminine scent with bite. And although we don’t have the Swarovski bottles in Canada, you can still gift the Playboy Fragance, in the cute bunny bottle, to the seductress, or playful tiger in your life. Don’t we all like a little added drama in our wardrobe?

So, this year were you naughty or nice? Either way, we think the Playboy Fragrances are a super fun gift that will delight any girl on your list:

Playboy’s Play it Spicy 
This glamorous nighttime scent opens with a vibrant burst of pomegranate, Bellini cocktail and pink berries, evoking the dazzling spirit of a sensational party.

Playboy’s Play it Lovely 
Perfect for daytime flirtation, this light, easy-to-wear fragrance opens with a mouth-watering blend of zesty citrus, ripe blackberry and 
juicy pear that uplifts and delights.  

Playboy’s Play it Sexy 
A darker, more sultry scent, Play It Sexy is ideal for evening wear, for when you’re all dressed up with somewhere to go. And we bet you have lots of places to go this holiday season.

Play It Lovely Eau de Toilette 30ml  $25.00 
Play It Spicy Eau de Toilette 30ml  $25.00 
Play It Sexy Eau de Toilette 30 ml $25.00
*Playboy fragrances are available at drugstore and mass retailers. Enjoy!

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