The Switch

Six reasons we want to see The Switch….oooh, and a contest!

Fed up with waiting for Mr. Right and desperate for a baby, forty-year old Kassie (Jennifer Aniston) picks a donor for artificial insemination. To celebrate the life-changing decision, she throws a big bash with conga lines, confetti and other fun party paraphanalia, like a turkey baster. Slightly miffed that he didn’t make the cut, her best friend Wally (Jason Bateman) gets wasted and swaps his little swimmers into Kassie’s cup, dumping Roland’s (Patrick Wilson) gene pool down the drain. WOAHH! And you thought that the scandalous sext you sent at 2AM was bad….

Yes, we do love a crazy plot line that involves mystery baby daddies, but here are six other reasons we think you’ll dig The Switch:

1. Did you love Juno and Little Miss Sunshine? Well, my friends, The Switch is by the same smart folks! Quirky laugh-out-loud humour with unforgettable characters.
2. We don’t really talk about it much but Jason Batemen is a total babe. Agree?
3. Awwww, over-analytical children with hypochondria are soooo cute.
4. This film will make your worst drunken decision look realllly trivial in comparison. Cheers to that! Ching-ching, drink up!
5. This is the Jennifer Aniston we love: charmingly quick and neurotic with that perfect arched brow that says it all…you know what we’re talking about.
6. Sperm jokes are funny. Keep those puns cumming!

We have a hunch that this will be our favourite blockbuster film this summer.

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Check out The Switch trailer here.

In Theatres August 20th. 

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