Now this party is a surefire way to jumpstart your holidays like a stick of dynamite stuffed into a turducken. Come dance and scope out hot indie boys with us this Saturday, December 18th while enjoying some of Toronto’s best bands – Whale Tooth, Bravestation and my own personal pick for “The Next Arcade Fire”, The Rival Boys. Headlining are The Darcys, TO’s shoegaze champions and self-described makers of “sad beautiful noise.” But not too sad…they sell funny t shirts at all shows! All of this of course, at a bar with real flavour, our favourite watering hole and Toronto institution The Silver Dollar (at College and Spadina). Welcome to flavour country, baby. This monster jam and holiday showcase was put together by mysterious bloggers and promoters The Untold City. You may have already partied with them at The Boat and Wrongbar, but Dan Burke’s swagger is just impossible to resist, or so I’ve heard. True city boys who sometimes opt for paper bags on their heads as a favourite disguise, The Untold City documents the vibe of Toronto from a street-level, 4 am perspective. Their blog is chock full of concert vids and stellar photography of split second moments they somehow managed to wrangle onto their lens. I dig people who dig Toronto, you dig? Hot tunes coming at ya. See you there.

By Becca Lemire