Sometimes just a nip of something can make the difference between enjoying a fashion show or looking more sullen than the models on the runway. Note: I am not proposing that you require alcohol to have a good time, but who doesn’t love taking an activity and turning it into a rules-based drinking game every now and then, right? So, here are the rules for Toronto Fashion Week’s 2014 Drinking Game. Drink responsibly, and don’t bike home (because if you follow these rules exactly, you will get very drunk).

The Rules

Drink 1 sip every time you hear someone talking about their recent whirlwind trip to New York Fashion Week. Take a really long sip if they keep mentioning how it’s like, so hard to compare the two, even though they actually will compare the two and inevitably describe New York as “just something you kind of have to experience, y’know?”

Take a shot every time you spot a pair of blogger-approved Jeffrey Campbell Litas.

Shotgun a light beer every time you overhear someone talking about ‘normcore,’ or the New York Times trend piece about how monocles are back.

Drink a Palm Bay or other saccharine alcopop if someone says something shitty about you and you hear about it from someone else. Don’t sweat that, you’ve got yourself a Palm Bay. You’re on island time, now. No worries for you.

Drink a glass of water if you are taking this very seriously, probably too seriously, and are feeling like Hannah Horvath attempting sexual roleplay on this week’s GIRLS.

Take a swig when someone refers to a collection publicly as “old world Hollywood glamour,” “chic,” or “the new normal,” or makes the comment that “he or she has really stepped up/amped up their game this season.”

Down an entire bottle of wine when you get home and realize you forgot your swag bag in the tent. Rookie mistake. Get in the tub and start fresh tomorrow.