Last night, I made the conscious decision to become a poetry slam
junkie for the rest of the winter. The all-female “Women of the World”
poetry slam at the Tranzac was so inspiring and entertaining, I
completely forgot that my feet and hands were numb from the – 13
weather. A group of inspired women all battled it out to qualify for
the annual Women of the World poetry slam title, a final event taking
place in Ohio in March.

Amid the snapping, enthusiastic crowd, the girl power in that place
was enough to revive the Spice Girls. A poet named Leisha slammed
about the act of taking poetry to bed with you and making love with
your own thoughts, like a fast paced Lady Sovereign with more soul. A
poet named Elisa reminded us that depression is all about forgetting
the magic in mundane moments, and Tanya performed a monologue about
sexy times with hummus and crackers. Ariel Platt, last year’s winner
and featured performer of the night, performed a freestyle rap about
putting out vs. being smart and sexy, as well as a few new poems about
her cousin’s amazement of magic eye puzzles and dust particles. She’s
like your wise older sister who cracks you up and also has eye-opening

Poetry slams are like a burst of creative energy. They have a timeless
quality about them. They remind you how much you like telling the
truth. Check out the next one at the Drake Underground on Saturday
February 26th, for the final slam of the regular season. It starts at
7:30 PM, and its 5 bucks. Get there early, these things fill up fast
because they are so awesome! For more information about how to break
into the poetry slam scene, or to stay up to date on slam poetry news
in the city, visit

~ Kait Fowlie