Watching Mad Men always makes me wish I had a rotating wardrobe of sexy sleepwear to lounge in, a wardrobe of lingerie that would make sipping morning coffee and flipping through the Sunday Times as titillating as a strip tease. Thankfully, Twisted Sisters Lingerie has us perfectly uncovered.

This is certainly not your average sleepwear, nor does it owe anything to the marabou-and-peekaboo aesthetic of the aforementioned series. The asymmetrical cuts and edgy details make this lingerie for those with more avant garde taste. We love the black and gunmetal silks and laces, which suggest smouldering glances with a side of razor-sharp wit. Can lingerie say that much? Apparently it can.

Twisted Sisters is designed by Ryerson Fashion grad Maria Mak, and she’s launching her lingerie line in New York at édité.

~ Haley Cullingham