University can seem daunting. How do I choose my courses? Where’s the best place to meet friends? Which parties do I go to? How do I get involved in student clubs? What do I do if I HATE my major?!

All in all, how is a gal to navigate the intricate web of university social life, parties, classes and part-time jobs while snagging top grades?

That’s where SDTC Go-To-Girls come in. We want to round up the best of the best gals in university from all across Canada and ask them to share their wisdom on how to survive post-secondary (and perhaps kicking ass in class).

SDTC is seeking 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year students from across the nation to share their wisdom and experience with our readers. Are you active on campus? Do you have great advice to give? Have become the queen of busy life balance?

Email and tell us why you’re a Go-To Girl!