All this talk of athletics makes me want to stay indoors, eat cheese, drink wine and draw. Before we let the games begin – let the galleries be full!!!! Break out your berets and horn-rimmed specs, here is a weeks worth of art events. 

Paintings by Dan Kurc. Opening Wednesday evening 7- 10 pm @ Vincent Park. Running through ‘till Valentines day. Beer and cupcakes.  Happy Humpday. 

James Nizam’s Memorandoms @ Gallery Jones. Nizam’s use of vacated domestic interiors as the backbone of his photography, the provisional location of his studio, and the source of materials. In this case the site is the former Little Mountain housing project on 33rd to 37th Avenues, between Ontario and Main Street, what was the oldest public housing development in Vancouver, recently demolished to make way for a higher density combination of market condominiums and social housing. Opening Reception Thursday 6 – 9pm. Exhibit running though to until February 27th. 

Such Events Have Led Us Here: new things by Andy Dixon @ Grace Gallery. Celebrating Andy’s sophomore year with Grace Gallery. Opening reception Friday, 8pm. 

Do you have a heart-on for someone!? Ahh, I always love me a good pun. You may not have a valentine this year, but hunny…ain’t nothin’ like a little self love. Celebrate your mother lovin’ self (and Vancouver’ amazing talents) with art, music, design, and dance at The Heart On @ Box Studios.