By Vanessa Brazeau
Lovers of the beat! Fear not unto the Apocalypse that is upon us. While we face economic peril, oil spills, G20 protests and earthquakes, there is hope, my friends. No matter your current state of crisis, or when it hits you, there will be hope any day of the week. When things are shit, screw emergency action plans. All we can do is dance.

Young Blood Sundays at Venue (881 Granville Street) features music, DJ’s and live acts as fresh to the music scene as the club is to Vancouver. The indie-electro dance party is a legit intro to whats in store for the future of groove-worthy debauchery. Guest DJs keep the beats fresh and evolving and the guys from Radio Zero ( and Blueprint hold it down as Venue’s residents. Spend your Sunday on the come-up of the indie electro world, and check out the Young Blood blog ( for free mixes, tracks and exclusive giveaways

Honey’s Ice Cream Social (455 Abbott Street @ Pender)
Spend an evening of closet debauchery and promiscuity like the old days. The weekly dance party features music from the 50s & 60s selected by DJs Trevor Risk, Cam Dales & Tyler Fedchuk. Enter the world where sunscreen was non existent, doors were left unlocked and milk came right to the door step. Then sleep with the milkman in the blistering sun and leave the door unlocked for the extra rush in case the hard working man gets home early. Yeah, that about sums it up.
Check out their facebook page where they offer weekly song previews

My fondest dance memories stem from Celebrities (1022 Davie Street). Their weekly no hate Tuesday’s brings together a mix of lifestyles to a rad mix of beats in a dance party where anyone- and anything-goes. Vegas and Fushia, the city’s two most notorious drag queens, host the not-so-tight-ass Tuesday- a desirable alternative to free popcorn at the Scotia Bank Theatre. $3 highballs will get everyone in fine form for a celebration with trannies, gays, lesbians and everything in between!

Psych night at the ANZA club (8th Ave @ Ontario) brings together rare Psych, Funk, Acid and Biker Rock for a dance party filled with acid flashbacks. Projections of rare experimental psychedelic films create a synesthetic experience that will get you high without getting high. And if you’re already on something, you’ll either discover the meaning of the universe or freak out and suffer multiple anxiety attacks. Just look at their flyer and you’ll see what I mean.

Post Modern
The Post Modern dance bar in Gastown (7 Alexander Street) has become the new home of Blastramp Thursdays (previously at the Bourbon) and the venue is pretty promising. Two dance floors, pinball/video games, and $3 drink specials make for a upgraded experience to the jams Blastramp DJ’s are pumping. Everything from classic rap joined with disco, to indie dance remixes matched with untouched rock n roll!

Lots of dancing on Fridays. Its the beginning of the weekend , peeps get pumped! Heres a few:

Library Square (300 W. Georgia St.)
90’s Dance Party brings back memories of Primary School and Boy Bands

The Astoria
Damaged Goods at the Astoria (769 E Hastings)
Free Cover before 11pm, featuring both local and touring bands and DJ’s. Its Biweekly though, so check the facebook page to make sure its on!!

Fortune Sound Club’s Happy Ending Fridays
A mixtape of live stuff with Rap and Hip Hop mixes, this night is happy the whole time through.


Glory Days at The Biltmore, 395 Kingsway
With the powers of DJ My!Gay!Husband! and Guest Bands combined, Glory Days provides an epic Saturday dance party complete with chiller bar vibes to take off the pressure for those less inclined to spend the whole night on their feet. Its tempting though. Great tracks to catchy bands and back- a well rounded evening for everyone, not to mention cans of PBR and the biggest self serving water barrels I have ever seen.