The Google Search. One of the most telling, penetrating windows into our very souls.

This year, we left no stone left unturned as we mined through the dizzying depths of pop culture. From our queries about the paternity of Bridget Jones’s baby, to our confusion over the Electoral College, to our weird summer of Pokémon – this is what kept us awake at night, Googling away on our phones.

Who is?

  1. Who is Harambe?
  2. Who is Ken Bone?
  3. Who is Ann Coulter?
  4. Who is the father of Bridget Jones’s baby?
  5. Who is George Soros?
  6. Who is Gord Downie married to?
  7. Who is Becky with the good hair?
  8. Who is Damn Daniel?
  9. Who is moving to Canada?
  10. Who is Melania Trump?

Top Trending Fashion Trends

  1. Distressed Denim
  2. Purpose Tour Merchandise
  3. Ivy Park (Beyoncé)
  4. Bomber Jackets
  5. Yeezy Boost (Kanye West)
  6. Braids
  7. Sneakers
  8. Huarache
  9. Gauchos
  10. Pleated Skirt


What is? 

  1. What is Brexit?
  2. What is Zika Virus?
  3. What is Microblading?
  4. What is Harambe?
  5. What is the Electoral College?
  6. What is Shadow Flipping?
  7. What is a Burkini?
  8. What is the Running Man Challenge?
  9. What is happening to the bees?
  10. What is “Wheat Kings” about?


Top Trending Memes

  1. Harambe
  2. Damn Daniel
  3. Ken Bone
  4. Crying Jordan
  5. Ted Cruz Zodiac Killer
  6. Sad Ben Affleck
  7. Bad Hombres
  8. Drake Sitting on Things
  9. The Dab
  10. DJ Khaled (Major Key)


Top Trending Celebrity Moments 

  1. Taylor Swift Tom Hiddleston Relationship
  2. Gord Downie Cancer
  3. Prince Harry Meghan Markle Relationship
  4. David Bowie Death
  5. Kim Kardashian Robbery
  6. Leonard Cohen Death
  7. Brangelina Divorce
  8. Kanye West Hospitalized
  9. Selena Gomez Rehab
  10. Prince Death

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