While allegations circle about American Apparel’s Dov Charney and the infamous Uncle Terry, New York photographer Richard Kern is still cashing in on the teen erotica vacuum…and now you can too!

Kern’s images have been widely published in Purple, Vice, V Magazine and Italian GQ as well as in his numerous books and exhibited at The Museum of Modern Art, The Whitney Museum and in more than 30 solo shows around the world. He is famous for his shots of “normal” looking non-model girls in various states of undress.

At the end of the month Kern will be heading to Toronto and Montreal to shoot new work, and has posted an open casting call for any interested models to submit their photos for consideration.

Is it stunning photography? Or porn? Are we still captivated by this photography, or over it? Do you want to take your clothes off for this fifty-seven year old man? Here’s the casting call put out by VICE:

1) Models should fit the “Kern Look” 
2) Must be willing to pose nude, topless, or in panties.
3) Must be 18+ at the time of shoot and supply proof of age, and will be required to sign a model release.
4) Please provide 2-5 images of face and full-body shots (does not need to be explicit) – all submitted images are for internal use only and will never be published on the website or otherwise.
5) Please include contact info – email & phone number.

A Vice representative and photographer’s assistant will be present at the shoot.
Models will receive $250, and real names will not be used. If you or someone you know would like to be a Kern model, send your pics and contact info to kernmodels.mtl@vbs.tv with TORONTO CASTING or MONTREAL CASTING in the subject line.

Check out Kern’s site .