Through a series of fourteen portraits, photographer Tania Anderson highlights diverse Toronto-based artists and activists who are rarely celebrated for their contributions to LGBTQ+ communities.

LGBTQ+ communities have long searched for ‘gay heroes’ to showcase both queer existence and accomplishment across time and space. While Anderson wishes to honour queer activists who have done hard work and are not always visible, she recognizes that the concept of ‘hero’ is constantly changing. Her body of work recognizes the shifting and contingent concepts of heroism that adapt to the social, political, and representational needs of the moment in ever-evolving queer communities and social movements.

These lush and aesthetic images are intimate and vulnerable, revealing her ongoing connections and relationships with the people she photographs. The photographs are accompanied by four audio-visual pieces that speak in detail to these connections and relationships, as well as to the image making process.

We Could Be Heroes (Just for One Day) is hosted by Canadian Lesbian & Gay Archives (34 Isabella Street) on Thursday March 24 from 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM.