Over the past few weeks we’ve been shouting about how fantastic these jeans are for three main reasons:

– They magically fit every shape! And feel great.
– There are 18 colours to choose from!
– THEY ARE SO WELL PRICED AND ON SALE FOR $19!! What? Can that be true? YES!

Shedoesthecity met with selected girls at The Toronto Eaton Centre Old Navy and went wild in the change rooms finding the perfect pair for everyone.

If our raving doesn’t sell you, then these photos surely will. (Click to Enlarge)

Our roster of hot chicks include:

Gracie Caroll from graciecarroll.com

Mica Le J from youngandresltess.ca

Sharon Ng from backseatstylers.com

Gloria Chik from urbanebloc.com

Meredith Gillies, intern from fashionmagazine.com

Ivana Markotic, works in advertising, freelance music writer and all ’round babe. 

Liza Hicks, Shedoesthecity’s glamorous video host with most!

Hallae Khosravi, fashion blogger at huffingtonpost.ca

Amanda Garbutt from thehotplate.com

Nilou Yekta representing our very own shedoesthecityteen.com!

What a group! You guys rock. Thank you.

Xo Shedoesthecity